‘Manmul scam’ is the genuine purpose for the visit of BSY and HDK

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Previous CM HD Kumaraswamy met CM BS Yeddyurappa on Monday. In spite of the fact that there has been discussion of the Mysugar industrial facility and the improvement of Mandya, a few group have been conjecturing on the authentic Manmul trick. The claims of the previous priest Cheluvarayaswamy are of incredible interest. 

The Manmul trick is affirmed to have included crores of rupees. It is against this background that the CID is exploring. Manmul Chairman and Director HDK. Is it conceivable to demand that the examination be assisted? Previous clergyman Cheluvarayaswamy. Talking in Bangalore, he communicated questions that the rationale behind the HDK CM visit might be to postpone the examination of the Manmul trick. 

Kumaraswamy’s nearby partners were the ones who made Manmul illicit. His nearby partner is Raghu Kade. He can go to his salvage. It has been said that this establishment ought not be really cultivated. Super Sheed has been blamed for Rs 70-80 crore previously. Audrey is currently a 500-600 crore trick. Chaluvarayaswamy has made a guarantee that he will know whose insurance he is. 

Then again, Sumalatha Ambarish has likewise requested that the examination of the Manmul case be finished soon. He met CM BS Yeddyurappa on Monday and talked about the matter with CM. Together, the Manmul outrage is presently taking on a political measurement.


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